This website is about my photographic work.

It is a response to my need to share my passion for photography, to have a truly personal space to tell, especially in pictures, with a few words sometimes, my photographic works.

My sets are classified into three categories: Fine Art, Reportage and Travel.

Mainly interested in the reports for the strength of their images and the interest of their stories, I still navigates between different genres because I can’t let sleep a beautiful picture.

From wheelchair competitions to Bellecour riots, from a road trip in the Baltic States, to my thoughts on the City of New York … To landscapes dear to my heart by the street photography which made my eye. This is a site for all those pictures.

Because visibility is something important, especially when it’s about image thing. Because photography is meant to be seen. In the pages of this site some of my work given to see, to the most, I hope …

Hermes Pichon