Construction site in Viet Nam

These pictures are an expert of few days project I did a couple of weeks ago in Mui Ne for Remote Mui Ne homestay. This is a corporate command but the owner as well as the communication team really gave me 100% trust and let me approach this photography project in my very own way. I chose to go for a broad documentary approach tinted with architectural and moody pictures. I tried to document the change a construction site always is, but also the actors of this change, from the construction workers to the owner and all those who were involved along the process as each of them plays its part in what’s happening. As for the result, I consider it like a personal production more than an assignment project because I really could express my photography along the whole process. Documenting first because It’s my true way of using this medium, but also in the style, wide angle and contrast, which is how I like to shoot and edit my work. And for the subject, I guess I was lucky but the place focused on building with recycled or sustainable materials like shipping containers, second-hand door or window and so on… Using problem-solving and Vietnamese fixing art at its finest to overcome challenges. So yeah there was a story to tell and if thru those pictures you can feel a bit of Viet Nam, in its beauty, in its complexity, but more, in its reality then I’ll have the done job.

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